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Just Five Days

It was just five days. How odd that it hurts so much to lose you.
I can see you and hear you and feel the touch of your fur.
Strange and lonely cat. Old and scarred.
Is your spirit still resting on my couch even though it was just five days?

The fates dealt you a cruel hand and I wonder how you survived.
Eyes injured from fighting. A wound on your leg and only 5 teeth!
Hurt and frightened cat. Watching and hoping.
Did you know how much we cared for you in just five days?

You were not a feral cat. So much affection and love that you had to share.
The feel of your old body on my lap and I never even gave you a name.
Peaceful, sweetest cat. So little time.
Did we make up for all your hardships in just five days?

Then the vet said it was AIDS. And we only had you for just five days.