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Walt and Mickey Greet You At The Beginning Of The Magic Kingdom

Disney World Trip #5 Day 3

Got to sleep late on the morning of Friday the 13th . Had a 10:45 a.m. seating at Chef Mickeyís at the Contempory for breakfast. Took the Monorail to the Grand Floridian and got to ride up front! It was at that point I got my first real look at the Castle. I burst out laughing. Itís fabulous!! Listen, if you want to be able to act like a child while youíre there then take a hint from the little people. I never saw one child look mad when they saw it or heard them say they didnít like it. The look of wonder in their eyes brought tears to mine.

After wandering around the GF, we went to the Contempory for breakfast. With an abundance of characters, it was great fun. While I was at DW I took over 100 pictures and hope to make some of the better ones available in here when I get them back and scan them.

Hubby was off to Cape Coral after breakfast to visit friends and do some fishing and I was off to the Magic Kingdom. The lines at Splash and Thunder Mountains were the shortest that Iíve ever seen. (Toward the end of our stay I actually walked onto both of these rides with absolutely no wait!) Talked to a very nice couple from England while waiting to go on Splash Mountain. She had never been on before and was quite nervous about the plunge at the end of the ride. I vowed Iíd keep my eyes open as we went down the hill but there was no way when I looked out that opening. As usual, I did manage to scream all the way down. Saw the Mickey Mania Parade. Wow! Another one of those songs that you canít get out of your head. Then it was off to the Extra Terrorestrial Alien Encounter. It was OK but I was not really impressed. However I loved The Timekeeper. Robin Williams is a hoot! Went to that several times to try and catch all the jokes. I was glad to see the Wedway back in service. Yes, I know, itís now the TTA but to me it will always be the Wedway , Wabbit! Itís a family joke.

Friday evening I headed off to MGM to take part in the Friday the 13th Celebration. Apparently everyone within 50 miles decided to do the same thing. The crowds were huge. They had a great DJ there and really LOUD music but you could not move. It had been a really hot day, temperatures in the 90ís and high humidity but no thunderstorms. I decided that a nice drink of cold water would taste good. Real water that is, not bottled chlorine. Walked over to Min and Billís Dockside Diner and there I found the longest line of the entire trip. By the time we got waited on, you were on a first name basis with everyone in the line. The price of water is $2.00. I have absolutely no comment on that!

Soccery in the Sky was excellent. I had only seen this once before and that was 4 years ago. It made it worth the effort to bring my video camera. Although I love to have movies of my trip, I think part of the reason I enjoyed this trip so much is because I wasnít dragging the dang camera around all the time.

It took 1 Ĺ hours to get home after the fireworks. For the third time in 3 bus rides I encountered a screaming child. This child knew more than her parents as one of the things she kept screaming was Iím Tired! Thankfully PO is the first stop back.

Dragged myself to the hotel and was grateful to hear that Hurricane Fran had missed New England.

Disney World Trip #5 Day 4

Got up early on Saturday morning and was doing laundry by 7 a.m. Another beautiful day in Florida. Upper 80ís, only moderate humidity and no thunderstorms. Had a yummy Mickey waffle for breakfast while the clothes were drying. Doing the laundry at home should be so enjoyable!

I was off to Typhoon Lagoon again by 10. Just as I entered the park a Disney guy asked me if Iíd be willing to do a survey. Of course I said yes. Just general questions such as how long are you staying, which parks have you been to, which parks will you go to again, etc. At the end, he asked for my name, address and phone number. Wonder why? A free trip maybe?? Probably not. Jumped back in the river and floated around until I felt like the tube was part of my body then I decided to try out some of the tube slides that Iíd missed on our first visit.

Now for a thing NOT to do at Typhoon Lagoon. I wanted to get a really good picture of the wave coming in at the big pool so I sat on the edge of the cement. I figured by then the wave wouldnít have enough push to toss me around. Wrong! That thing came in and threw me sideways and I skidded on my left side on the cement. Got up slightly shaken to see 3 lifeguards watching this not 5 feet from me. I said, "Hey guys, thatís not a good idea, why didnít you tell me?" I actually threw some water at them. One of them explained that they warn people not to sit there all the time and no one listens. I informed him that I would of! Well I apologized for the water I threw at him and we all laughed. Iím not sure that the scabs I have on my left arm qualify as a souvenir from Disney World but I have them never the less.

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