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As I mentioned earlier, Jasper was another cat that was found at the shelter. Although, as with most of the shelter cats, his age is unknown, my guess is that he's probably not much more then a year old. He plays and acts more like a kitten then a full grown cat. When he walks around the house, he prances and reminds me of Figaro in the Disney version of Pinocchio.

He is jet black except for his bright yellow eyes and we have to be careful at night, if we're up, that we don't step on him. He 's always on the go but will stop for a fast petting before he's off again in search of more excitement.

Playful, loving and sweet. Jasper is a wonderful, affection cat that might have been put to sleep at the shelter. Please visit the shelter nearest you soon!

The Pubbers in Boston! July 4th Weekend, 1998.