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More on the saga of the Calico Cat.

Fortunatly this story has a happy ending. She did come back and spent the winter with us... and is with us still. She is still some what shy but usually comes over to me several times a day, squeeking for some attention.

I have often wondered if the Old Cat is her father. He basically lead her to our door and tried to coax her into the house on several occations. Alas, her, and all the other cat's, roaming days are over. We've now live on a very busy street and all the cats are inside animals. But I've put up plenty of bird feeders and we have a large screened porch where you can usually find some or all of them taking their daily cat naps.

The Last of the Cat Pages (I Promise!)

"Baby" The Original Cat!

This is the cat that started me on my former life of crime as a cat concealer. It all began with a frantic call from my son, who at the time was 17, stating he had nearly hit a very small kitten with his car. The kitten, who was unharmed, refused to leave and jumped in the car with him when he opened the door to leave. I told him to bring the poor thing home and certainly we'd be able to find the owners in the next couple of days.

In came this small bundle of gray fur with beautiful green eyes. So tiny, certainly not more then 5 or 6 weeks old. I felt that someone must be worried sick about him.

Over the next several days we put up flyers and notified the dog officer. No one had reported losing a small, adorable kitten. We did receive one strange phone call saying that they were sure it was their cat, but no one ever showed up to claim him.

Of course Baby isn't a baby any more. He now weighs in at nearly 15 pounds and we have him on a continual diet... a hard thing to do with several other cats at home. But he is the original and, because of that, he is awarded the respect he deserves.

Ode to Bramblewood

When I left the apartment complex I had lived in for over 13 years, I wrote down the following poem to try and release some of the frustration I had with the management for not allowing pets of any type. These were the same people who would send out letters at the beginning of the winter telling us NOT to feed the birds! Although I never did send it to them, I would like to put it here. The Apartment complex's name has been changed. Hope you enjoy it!

Ode to Bramblewood

My residence here at Bramblewood has lasted for thirteen years. Iíve made it through many good times. But Iíve also shed some tears. Iíve made it through a hurricane. And a flood, some blizzards too. Survived the noisy neighbors and made friends hereÖ quite a few. Iíve made it through having money and come back from crushing debts. But thereís one thing I canít make it through, thatís the rule that says "No Pets!" A cat is more than an animal. Itís love that has four feet. It calms you when youíre angry and makes everything complete. It doesnít honk on a horn at night or bang on your walls or swear. But when you need some affection, youíll find your cat is always there. Kids whoíve never known animals are missing the part of living, that teaches us how to nurture things and the joys that come from giving. A child may grow up to be loving and to be honest and kind, but yet, who can say what might have been added if they had only had their own pet. I believe that people are wonderful, but from my heart I have something to say, I know that Iíll never meet anyone not improved by pets every way!

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