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The Old Cat
1986 - 1999

The Calico Cat

of the

The fine looking animal you see here is The Old Cat. We already had the first of our illegal cats around 1993. (more on him later) We were living in a townhouse in a rental community which, as I've already explained, had a very strict "No Pets" policy. The one cat we had seemed to act like a magnet and before too long we noticed a rather shabby looking Maine Coon-type cat hanging around in our back yard.

After a bit, he would come up to the screen door and our cat and the Old Cat would sit very peacefully starring at each other. After several days of this, I put a handful of food out just to see if he was hungry. The food was gone in a flash. We had ourself's another cat!

About a week later, I decided to see if he'd like to come in and he decided he would. First he just sniffed everything but then, to my surprise, he began to mark everything! A few sharp words from me on that action and he was out the door. I thought we'd never see him again.

Of course he did come back and before too long was happily curled up in somebody's lap. Surely he had been owned... someone's pet. What happened that turned him into the starving, sickly animal that showed up at our door? If only cats could talk!

Several months later we noticed the Old Cat had made friends with a beautiful Calico cat. Surely this was someone's pet. But as winter approached and it got colder and colder, I began to have my doubts. This cat was in no way like the Old Cat. When you approached her she always ran off to a safe distance. Finally, out of frustration, I placed a cat carrier outside with some blankets in it for her to sleep in. It was now beginning to get seriously cold and she was just a little thing. But even with the cold nights, she still refused to be touched and would not enter the house despite frequent invitations.

Finally one day I felt I had no choice but to try and bring her inside, whether she wanted to or not. A sizable snow storm was on the way for that night. At last I had my chance! While she was eating, I reached out and grabbed her by the back of the neck and carried her, arms length away from me, into the house.

What happened next was like something out of a cartoon. She literally ran up the walls and then attempted to run through the front window! After about 10 minutes of frantic activity she hid under a table and watched us with suspicious eyes. We kept her in for 3 days. Letting her out on the fourth day was a hard thing for me to do. I knew it was possible that we might never see her again and I was sure of what her fate would be with no home and winter coming on.

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