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Goofy And Us At Chef Mickey's

Everybody's Got A Laughing Place...

What A Wonderful Day..Part 1

I donít think that I was born daring. As a child, I lived near a great amusement park that had an old fashion wooden roller coaster. And, in all the years it was there, I never rode it once. Fear and fun did not seem to go well together. But as Iíve gotten older, Iíve always regretted not riding that roller coaster because... what if it was more fun then it was scary? So it was with that thought that I made today the day to ride the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

I arrived at MGM and decided that the direct approach would be best. Luckily there was no line. I didnít want to have time to have any second thoughts and before I knew what was going on, I was on the elevator. What a rush! My ears actually blocked up on the ascent and I think I went right up off the seat as we fell. Wheeee! Shaky but happy I got myself a "I survived the TZTOT" T-shirt and the sales girl, upon hearing my story, gave me a Mickey sticker.

Day #5

Ah, blessed relief, no headache. All of us went to BB and arrived just as the park opened. Can you say "get to the water parks early, boys and girls"? Waited less then 5 minutes and got on the chair lift to go down Steam boat springs. Great fun! From the top of the mountain we could see the Tree of Life off in the distance. It towers over everything on the horizon. We got right back on the chair lift and did it again! Then it was off to the tube slides. The inside the pipe ride is my personal favorite and I gave a Goofy yell as I started my descent, much to the amusement of those still waiting their turns. Came back up and did one of the open slides next but, my oh my, those stairs are a killer! We also floated around the lazy river and left there just after noon. I stopped off at the OKW pool for a dip and some time in the very warm whirlpool.

All of us had decided to do supper at Chef Mickeyís. Iíd been there for breakfast in the past and was looking forward to dinner. Chris and Jen had raved about it. The food was excellent and we had a great waitress (darn, I never remember to get peopleís names). She brought every character that was there over to our table for pictures. Minnie even loaded my camera with film for me. After eating we waddled up to the 15th floor of the Contempory to see the view. This is a must do and just as we got there, the first and only thunderstorm of our trip was dispensed! What an awe inspirering site! When we felt we had used up all our luck by being on the roof of the Contempory during a thunderstorm, we left for EPCOT by monorail. Played a little at Innovations and went to the Land. After that, it was off to see HISTA. As with AE, I enjoyed the effects of this more this time then last year when I was here. We were absolutely the last people to ride Journey into Imagination as it was 9:05 pm when we got on the ride. By the time we got out of there it was 9:20. The mass exodus had begun and we wanted to go to the boardwalk. Be sure to take yourself firmly by the hand if you want to walk against the crowd.

We wandered around the BW for a while and decided against common sense to go have ice cream at Beaches and Cream. There is one dish there called The Kitchen Sink that has to be seen to be believed. Then it was time for my first bus disaster. We got out of the boardwalk in fairly short order and went to DTD to get a bus back to OKW. While we waited for our bus, not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5 but 6 buses showed up for the Y&BC. Bleech! Not to mention the 4 for the Contempory, the 3 for the WL and the 3 for GF/Poly. It was pretty frustrating. The OKW people who had been waiting the 40 some odd minutes burst into spontaneous applause when the bus finally showed up. Arrived back at the hotel around 11:45 and you guessed it, passed out.

What A Wonderful Day..Part 2

After that, I felt something relaxing was in order so I went to the Beauty and the Beast show. The pre-show was done by a 4 man arcapella group which was out of this world. Iím going back tomorrow to video tape their performance. The show itself was very well done. BaTB has always been one of my favorite Disney films. Then I went to see The Little Mermaid which turned out to be one of the wettest non-water rides Iíve been on. It was great. Did The Great Movie Ride and sat next to the driver, Star Wars, the TV Show and did some shopping. I got my daughter some small posters from Alice in Wonderland that they used when the movie was out in the theaters in the early 80ís.

By now it was after 1 pm so I thought Iíd go back to the hotel. For me itís mandatory that I catch the wrong bus, boat, monorail, etc. at least once a trip and this was the time. The boat I took ended up at the Boardwalk. Oh well, even when you take the wrong one, you still end up in a great place. I finished up EPCOT. Finally hit a loooong line at Norway, my first one. Got back to OKW and called Chris and Jen who were still out but called me back about a minute later when they came in. We all decided to go back to EPCOT and then to the CS for a late dinner.

As we arrived at EPCOT the 2 Robots had just started to get ready for a show. I donít know what it is about my son but he seems to get picked for something at WDW almost every time weíre here. He became the groom at the marriage ceremony. I was really happy I had my video camera with me. After that we went to Ellenís Universe of Energy which Iíd seen last year when it first opened and then over to the Living Seas. By now we were starving so we chose to skip "ill-25" and head over to CS (I still canít believe that I didnít watch ill-25 twice! Itís so lame. Do I sound like Iím whining? Well maybe I am!) Dinner was OK (only luke warm) but I topped it off with that delicious strawberry cake!

We caught the DTD bus in short order and the bus driver told us it might take some time to get through that area. When we got there to change buses it did seem crowded but not much more then usual. And it was Saturday night. An OKW bus came after about 10 minutes and this bus driver said that heíd never seen PI so crowded. People were parking on all the main streets in and around it. As we drove up to PI the sign was flashing that PI was temporarily closed. Guess they maxed out. The bus driver said heíd never seen that before. Also there was an ambulance and several police cars there. Not a place to bring your kiddies on a Saturday night.

Back to the hotel, off to bed and out like a light by 12 a.m.

Trip #6..Days 7 And 8..And Until 1998