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Who was Spooky? Well, she wasn’t my cat, at least not in the ownership
sense of the word. When we moved to our new home about 2 ½ years ago, we noticed her that summer. She’d come over to visit our cats and sit
outside the window teasing them and there were many mock cat fights through her favorite window.

As time went by, we’d see more and more of her. I thought her to be a stray
and began to feed her. She never did come into the house though, preferring
to take her chances with the outside world. I guess the thought of meeting
all our cats seemed like the greater of two evils. But, Oh, she was so
smart. I never saw her once go out to the street.

When I finally thought for sure she was a stray, I decided to get her to a
vet. I made one last effort to make sure she had no owner and went door to
door asking various neighbors if they owned this cute kitty. Imagine my
surprise when I found out that she not only had an owner but lived right
behind me.

The owners informed me that Spooky was 13 years old. I couldn’t believe it.
She looked like a very young cat. But, after observing her more closely, I
noticed that some of her jet black fun had flecks of gray in it. Still, her
advanced years did not prevent her from having kittens and late that summer she had a litter. Again in the summer of 1998 she had another litter of 3 this

By late last fall, Spooky was basically calling my garage home. I always
made sure there was food and water for her and a warm and comfortable bed for her to sleep in. I couldn’t believe she wouldn’t go to her own home on
even the most bitterly cold nights but apparently she felt safer here.

When spring came, I noticed that Spooky had a new friend. A male cat as
black as she was. When other males would come near her, she made it known that they better back off but the black male, that we named Big Spooky, was
allowed to stay nearby.

One day I saw them mating. My heart sank. I’ve always spayed and neutered
my own cats but I could do nothing about someone else’s and, at 14, I
couldn’t imagine what having kittens would do to her.

But months went by with no signs of her getting ready to have another
litter and I figured that, perhaps at her advanced age, she would finally
be able to rest. Still, her and Big Spooky remained close and I’d find them
side by side, sitting in the sun day after day.

Yesterday was no different from any other. There in the morning for some quick petting and some food. Outside when I had to go down the street. Sitting on the hood of my car last night around 8 p.m.

This morning when I got up, she wasn’t waiting for me. I thought, because
it had been fairly cold out, that she might have gone home. By 11 I was
wondering where she was. Big Spooky had been around and one of the other
males that visits us from time to time. I had to go out for several hours
and, when I returned, I looked for her but still no Spooky.

Shortly after I got back by husband came through the door carrying Spooky. I remember thinking, how odd that she’d let him pick her up. She really
didn’t like to be held. Then I noticed that her little body was stiff.
Sometime after 8 p.m. the night before Spooky went to Rainbow Bridge.

No marks, no sign of any struggle but my wonderful Spooky was gone. The
people who live next door to us had found her body and it looked like
someone had placed her next to their driveway. She appeared to be sleeping.

I felt really bad but knew I had to go over and tell her owners. Even
though she'd been basically living over here for the last 6 months, this
was their cat of 15 years. I thought they'd be devastated.

You know sometimes you only have to look around you to find the lowest life form. Just as I was walking over I saw them pull out of their driveway so I flagged the car down. I said, I've got some really bad news. We just found
Spooky's body. They never blinked an eye, just went oh. I said I have her
if you want her and they said no. I said my good byes and thought how sad
that they didn’t shed a tear over their pet of 15 years. I went back to the
box I had placed her body in and told her that she’d be resting with the
Old Cat. And then I cried and cried. I hope I never get so jaded that I
don’t mourn the passing of a beloved pet even if I’m not the owner.

I just lost my Old Cat on Nov. 9th. If my heart had started healing, this
has ripped it wide open again. I'll miss that little girl who was always
friendly and loving.  We'll be burying her next to the Old Cat. Now he has
a friend to play with.

For Spooky

Quiet and shy. Pretty and smart. It didn’t take long till you captured my
Sometimes a tom boy but certainly the queen. Always a teaser but never,
ever mean.

This was a cat that I never owned. A cat who picked us  though she had her
own home.
Not wanting much. Just some food and some love. Now gone to the Bridge in Heaven above.

The Old Cat is new there but I bet that you've met. All healed now and healthy, a beautiful pet.
He'll show you the meadows and fields where you'll play. Till we can all be together  some glorious day.

Now who will meet me when I come home at night? Or be happy to see me in the dawn’s early light?
Perhaps we don't get more than we can bear but Spooky I miss you and
I’ll always care.


Love from you non-owners,
Roberta, Cliff, Sharon and Chris
and all your cat playmates, especially Big Spooky.

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